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Hello All:

Hello all, April is here, and we are off and running in our new Lodge year. Again we have a full officer core and have been working on the Ritual competition for a couple months now. April will be a busy month, there are a lot of activities going on this month. A couple new items that the board approved last month. First we will now have a Social Media Committee, this will be made up of one seated officer and at least 3 other members. The committee chair is Leading Knight Dave Oliveira, and I’m sure he will need help getting all of the social media up and running. If you are interested contact Dave. This is not just Facebook but also Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest who knows what else. The other one is we will now have an IT Committee, this committee will handle all the technical operations in the Lodge, internet computer systems etc. If you are IT savvy and would like to participate in this committee contact me and I will connect you with this important committee. Michael Maglinte is your entertainment director for this year and I know he has been scouting out some great entertainment for the Lodge. He is your Loyal Knight for the coming year so if you have any suggestions get a hold of him and let him know. On April 20th this is a Thursday night we will once again be hosting the Public Safety Night. Lastly, if you have gone to the lodge on Saturdays for hot dogs in the lounge, this may be coming to an end if we can’t find a replacement for Phil. He has been doing this for a long time and sounds like he needs a break from it. If anyone would like to take on this task please let Phil or myself know, It’s a great little fundraiser for a couple hours on a Saturday.

Fraternally Yours
Dan Oliveira, Exalted Ruler

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