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Hello All:

Look forward to changes. Some of them you might love, some you might not agree with, some of them you would understand if you were in my shoes for a few weeks. Most of the changes are service based. Services are only available if enough people come and use them. The measure of success is based on use and attendance. You will see the hours of the bar is changing, this is based on the fact that little to no sales are made between certain hours. The BARTENDER HAS EVERY RIGHT TO NOT SERVE A PERSON, IF SHE / HE FEELS THE PERSON HAS REACHED HIS OR HER LIMIT. ALL OFFICERS AND MANAGERS UNDERSTAND THE BARTENDERS ARE IN CHARGE OF THESE DECISIONS AND STAND BEHIND THEM FULLY!

Thank you for supporting your charities! I know the Queen programs have been widely successful. This is be-cause of your ongoing support.

The ASVP = Association State Vice President, Ed Martin, and his Wife Barbara will be Visiting our lodge June 19. Dinner will be at 6:00 PM. Everyone will be eating the same dinner that night! Chicken parmesan and lemon cake will be served. Please join us in the ballroom to show our support to our State President. The Lodge meeting will start at the normal time—7:30. All guests who do not go into the meeting will join the First Lady in the lounge where they will be sharing their favorite recipes. A printer will be available for copies.

Look forward to some fun Elk Foundation Fundraisers. We will start our fund raising in July after the queen pro-grams have come to a conclusion.

Congratulation to our Ritual Team, with the heart of a lion our Ritual Coaches pulled us together and Dean Kays jumped into the Loyal Night chair. Bob Schrum placed 2nd in Leading Knight, Edie Mitchell placed 3rd as Esquire, and Greg Martin placed 2nd as Chaplain. Scott Adams was missed; he was home recovering from a yucky flu. Twelve Lodges in our District all attended the Ritual Contest. To be selected for second place out of 12 is a proud moment for our members and our lodge.

Remember all Elks, I am in this position temporarily. When you are ready to jump into my shoes it will be my pleaser to teach you everything you need to know! I will not disappear I will support you as long as you need. Lets make it happen Captains.

God Bless You All, Fraternally Yours.
Terry W. Gurley
Exalted Ruler

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