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Hello All:

September is here and the kids are back in school and were almost halfway through our Lodge year. This month I would like to talk about the new Point of Sale (POS) system, hard to believe it’s taken this long to get it all set up but we didn’t realize that it would take so long to get all of the information into the system so that we can get accurate information out of it. So after many months of running new cabling throughout the Lodge, and setting up all of the registers, and inputting all of the data it’s finally up and running in the bar. There is a tremendous amount of calculating necessary for this system to produce the information needed to make decisions in the kitchen and bar. It will be worth it.

Now you may have already noticed that the bartenders will be asking for your membership card when you order a drink. This is only for verification purposes. If your dues are not up to date you will have the option to pay them at that time. I have said this time and time again, don’t be offended if asked to show your card, be proud to show your card.

There are very few Lodges that you go to where you are not asked to show your card. With that being said I know there are some members that will get angry at the bartenders for asking but it’s not their fault, it’s an ABC law that the bartenders are to verify all members that purchase a drink at the bar. Additionally, they are not supposed to serve guests at the bar, the member is supposed to buy all drinks. That is in our house rules. So please don’t get angry with the bartenders. I hope all of you will be understanding.

Next month Bob Schrum will be putting on an Oktoberfest celebration. This should be a great time and I urge everyone that wants to attend to buy your tickets early, It makes it very difficult to calculate food not knowing how many people to expect.

Fraternally Yours
Dan Oliveira, Exalted Ruler

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