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Hello All:

1001 things are running through my mind! So I hope, I can touch on them all. Thank you, to all for coming forward to fill the Officer Corps positions. *Remember* Several positions are filled only for this year. So, if you think you are interested in holding one of these positions, don’t delay. Now is a great time to start learning all the ins and outs. Everyone keeps asking what the jobs entail. Watch the calendar & come to the Lodge. You will see there is a lot going on. Not just ONE person is doing everything - many members pull together. There are more than 900 members here. You might think “no way! I never see 900 people at one time.” Yes, because they are busy with community projects, in and out dropping off and picking up. Committees: taking on a committee is a commitment. “Amen”. Being a chairmen is like being a director in an orchestra. Example: Elks Tales go out each month: When the Editor is done creating them, the printer gets to start, and many of the Members get them through Email. Then a pushed message goes out to all of the helpers who said “we will help”. Date and time is planned and some of us are not able to help, but there are plenty of us who are. Wa-lla you know the latest news and upcoming events! Each program is like this. Janet does Drug Awareness, but someone else wears the Elroy suit. The point is WE ELKS DO WORK TOGETHER AT EVERY TURN. Youth Activities is a committee! This committee needs a leader. Most of the branches are growing now so we need an organized person to pull us all together! So many of our programs are short and sweet. Example: Flag Day is Coming up, Mothers day is coming up, Memorial Day is coming up. Each one has a special meaning to us all. They come we pull off the ceremonies for them and move on. Mothers Day Ceremonies Start at 9:00AM Please come in to the Ball Room early, set up your table and enjoy your Elk Program, designed especially for our mothers. May is a busy month. Please keep your calendar marked, come to the meetings, come and see there is strength in numbers. Many members are working for the greater cause with smiles of success. If anyone would like to get in touch, please feel free to call. 805-223-6811

God Bless You All, Fraternally Yours.
Terry W. Gurley
Exalted Ruler

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