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Americanism: Our goal…to quicken the spirit of American patriotism, and to stimulate an awareness a genuine feeling of pride and respect toward patriotism -- so that we as Members of the BPOE will become constant reminders to the people of our Nation.

Auditing & Accounting: The responsibility and duties include studying the Grand Lodge Auditing manual and with its guide, performing a thorough evaluation of the Lodge’s system of internal control to help determine the degree of reliability which may be placed on the system.

Bequests and Living Trusts: Educating our members about including the Elks in their Living Trusts and wills.

Community Activities: To carry out a program of service to the community which will establish the Lodge as one of its most important entities. This involves engagement in worthwhile community activities sponsored by others as well as the promotion of projects initiated by the lodge.

Drug Awareness: Its mission is to promote constructive and cooperative approaches to the prevention of the use of illicit substances by the youth of America. This is accomplished through education of students and parents, and by assisting scholastic institutions with programs and materials.

Elk’s Training: Provides an Elk the opportunity to become more knowledgeable in the Laws of the Order. Questions in the Elks Training Program are based upon contents of current Grand Lodge Manuals on file in the office. Upon a successful completion of the course, a Grand Exalted Ruler’s Special Citation will be awarded.

Flag Day: This committee is responsible for the proper conduct of the Flag Day Service mandated in Section 2.030 of the Laws of the Order.

Government Relations: This committee is charged with implementing the Government Relations Programs of the Grand Lodge and State Association. A manual will be provided detailing the responsibilities and duties.

Hoop Shoot: Coordinating the free-throw program for boys and girls ages 8 through 13. Winners at the local, District, State and Regional levels compete nationally in Massachusets. A complete “how to” package will be provided to the committee chairperson.

Investigations: Responsible for interviewing candidates for membership in the lodge. A manual will be provided detailing these responsibilities and duties.

Lapsation: Retention of members is directly related to growth in membership. The challenge to this committee is determining the reasons for a member’s non-payment of dues and to formulate and execute an effective program of reinstatement of those who have allowed their membership to lapse.

Lodge Activities: Its ultimate goal is to win the All American Lodge Award for our lodge. This would include executing certain programs as stated in the Grand Lodge and State Association pamphlets which sets forth the provisions for the contests and awards.

Membership: Its challenge is the accomplishment of a steady, healty growth of new members to our lodge. To be a motivator and a salesperson to get others to participate.

Elks National Foundation: Is a permanent charitable and philanthropic trust which funds benevolences of the Order. By its provisions only its income is used for this purpose; its principal remains invested. The committee is responsible for promoting gifts in order to meet our per capita goal set by Grand Lodge.

Veterans Committee: Its pledge…”So long as there are veterans, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks will never forget them.” The duty of the committee is to serve that pledge and therefore implementing the true spirit of Elkdom. A manual detailing suggestions for areas of service and ways of performing will be provided.

Public Relations: Responsible for proper, effective publicizing on the local level the programs of the Grand Lodge, the State Association and the Lodge. It requires knowledge of the operation of the news media, ways of attracting their attention and continuing efforts to accomplish favorable results. A manual will be provided containing provisions and suggestions.

Soccer Shoot: Similar with the Hoop Shoot, this event is targeted for children with the winners competing at District, State and National levels. This program has not been implemented in Santa Ynez yet. A manual with step by step instructions for a successful Soccer Shoot will be provide to the interested chairperson.

Sickness and Distress: Its duty is to visit those Members of the Lodge who are ill and report its activities during a lodge meeting.

Youth Activities: To oversee lodge programs such as scholarships, drug awareness and Hoop Shoot to insure their success. To be thoroughly familiar with the provisions in the Program Manual as they relate to the programs involved and the contests sponsored in connection with them.

If you see any errors or want to add information about your committie please let me know.