Exalted Rulers Message

Hello All:

Thanks to the Officers Corp for all the Support and truly caring about the wellbeing of our Lodge. We have accomplished many things and are staying focused on the many projects still left to complete. Dan Becker congratulations on your new job opportunity. We will miss your expertise and flair with the Elk Tale. Moving to a new world, we hope you will be a Leader of many. You may even find an Elks Lodge there!

So to all the members who are reading this please know we will need a new Editor for our Lodge. Dan’s last Elks Tale issue will be October. Don’t stop reading!

Our Veterans Day program has been chaired by Randy and Junell Tillman, dear friends and Loyal Elk will be moving Very soon. We will miss all your support!

It will take big shoes to fill all the new holes in our Programs. Please Come and step up. Speaking of Big Shoes. We still need Officers for the quickly arriving New Year. March 30, 2019, 3:00 pm, Pot Luck, ER appreciation afternoon. We hope to see you all there. Yes all!

God Bless You All, Fraternally Yours.
Terry W. Gurley
Exalted Ruler

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