Exalted Rulers Message

Hello All:

Hello brothers and sisters, February is upon us, I would like to thank everyone that supported me over the past 2 years. It has been a tremendous amount of work and I feel like we have accomplished many great thing these last 2 years. Without the support of all my friends, rela-tives and most of all you, Lompoc Elks members, I know that none of this would be possible. Together we can accomplish great things and we are proof of that. Although there is still a lot of work to do I’m sure your new officers are up to the task to keep this momentum going. I will still be around doing Brunch burgers on Monday nights, BBQing chickens the 3rd Wednesday and what ever else needs to be done.

A reminder that ER appreciation day is March 31st in the lounge. I want to show my appreciation to everyone in the lodge how much I appreciate what they have done to make our lodge better. I am having BBQ chicken, beans, sal-ad and bread. I invite everyone down to grab a bite to eat and hang around for the recognition of some great peo-ple that have helped me this year. After that we can share some camaraderie amongst each other. Again, thank you thank you to everyone for supporting me these last 2 years. My motto from my first newsletter was “let’s do something great, let’s show everyone how great it is to be an Elk.” I feel that we together have accomplished that.

Fraternally Yours
Dan Oliveira, Exalted Ruler

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